How to Hang a Door

Hang the door by inserting only one screw into the sides of each hinge. Make fixing position holes with a bradawl. Check the swing of the door and establish uniformity of clearance, then insert a second screw into each hinge and check again.

If adjustments are needed, these can be made by removing the door and chiselling the recesses as needed. If a recess is too deep, a packing piece made of thin card can be used to correct this. Make sure that the heads of screws are fully countersunk and offer no projections which affect the closing of the door.

If the door catches on the hinge side-because the hinge knuckle projects and causes it to swing wide-impart a slight bevel.

Rising butts are hinges which swing the door clear over carpets, by lifting progressively as it is opened. To provide initial clearance at the top of the door, the first 75mm or so of the top or head rail should be bevelled slightly on the inside edge.

A door should stay open in any position. If it does not, the screws are wrongly placed. To correct this fault, take off the door and adjust the screw positions slightly. If the door is badly out of true, you may have to reposition the leaf of the hinge; the existing screw holes should be plugged and new holes made.

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