How to Hide Pipes and Cables in Your Electric Shower

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Surface mounting electric shower pipes and cables

Pipe and cables running across the surface of the wall in your shower are an eyesore, but often the alternative — burying them beneath the surface — means unacceptable disruption to decorations.

The simple answer is to use white plastic mini-trunking (eg ‘Hideapipe’) wide enough in section to take the pipe and cable side by side.

The trunking can be screwed to the wall, or stuck with impact adhesive if the length is fairly short; often a combination of the two methods is the best solution.

Corner and tee fittings are available for most makes, but try to avoid bends by finding the most direct mini trunking

Fit mini-trunking backing sections before you run the pipe and cable. Lay them inside, then cut the cover sections and clip in place over the top.



where the pipe and cable ...Where the pipe and cable come from opposite directions, run the trunking from floor to ceiling and take a short branch from here to the shower.

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