How to Keep Your Greenhouse Clean

1. Keep the glass or plastic cladding clean at all times, especially at the onset of autumn when natural daylight lessens. Wash off algae and dirt with mild detergent or use a proprietary greenhouse glass cleaner.

2. Using a scrubbing brush and a mild detergent, remove dirt from any solid walls or timber cladding and from the staging, doors and framework of the greenhouse — dirt may harbour fungal disease spores.

How to Keep Your Greenhouse Clean 1 - 3

3. Scrape out algae and dirt which accumulate in gaps between overlapping panes of glass and so reduce the light transmission; don’t scratch the glass. A plastic plant label makes an ideal tool for this purpose.

4. Maintain a regular spray programme against greenhouse pests and diseases — prevention is far easier than cure. Proprietary smoke canisters — like cone-shaped fireworks — can be used to fumigate an empty greenhouse.

5. Sterilize any soil in greenhouse borders or below the staging in autumn or winter when there are no plants growing in it. Jeyes Fluid is a good general soil sterilizer, and it can be used for cleansing paths and staging.

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6. Empty old compost out of pots and boxes and scrub the containers with mild detergent before storage or re-use — dirty containers harbour diseases and defeat the object of using sterile potting or seedling composts.

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