How to Make a 999 Call


1.Before making the call, find out where you are. It may seem obvious to you, but the operator will need an address. So you need to know the name of the street, plus a house number or the name of the nearest cross street. The operator will also ask for your telephone number. It will help the emergency services to find you if you are cut off.

2.Call 999. On a pay phone do not put in any coins. In the dark, the 9 is the third button down on the right-hand side. On an old dial phone, the 9 is the second hole to the left of the finger stop.

3.Decide which of the emergency services you want – police, fire or ambulance. If you are in any doubt, ask for the police. They will alert the other services if necessary.

4.Answer all the operator’s questions clearly, briefly and as calmly as you can. Do not launch into a long description.

5.Do not hang up until the operator tells you to.

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