How to Make a Saucepan Rack

This simple device for the kitchen, can be made without difficulty in one evening. The rack consists of two main parts — a back and a rail. The back is made from 6-in. by 1-in, prepared softwood and the rail is a length of broom-handle. Distance pieces of 1/2-in. metal tubing are used when attaching the rail to the back (see image below). The appearance of this piece can be improved by chamfering or rounding off all the front edges of the rack.

The rack can be made to accommodate any number of saucepans. The length of the back is determined by totalling the diameters of all the pan lids, adding the width of the distance pieces, which are fitted between each lid, and one at each end of the set of lids, and allowing an extra 1-½ in. at each end of the rack. The positions of the distance pieces are found by placing the lids in their order of size on the back, and marking the edges across the widest part with a pencil.

The width of a distance piece should be allowed between each lid. The rail should be rubbed smooth with glass-paper and the ends rounded over. The holes for the screws, driven through the back of the rack into wall-plugs, should be countersunk. The rail, which is secured to the back with screws, should be drilled where the distance pieces are fitted and the fronts of the screw-holes should be countersunk.

making a saucepan rack

All the parts should be rubbed smooth with glass-paper before assembling. The length of the distance pieces will be determined by the depth of the largest saucepan lid, plus about 1/8 in. allowance for the ends of the distance pieces to sink into the wood when the rack is assembled. The rail is secured to the back, using screws of a suitable length which are inserted through the drilled holes and the distance pieces.

After assembling the rack is secured to the wall by crews through the back of the rack driven in the wall-plugs. The fitting is then painted or enamelled a suitable colour to agree with the decoration scheme of the kitchen.

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