How to Make a Window Seat with Storage

The best type of windows for fitting with window-seats are those which have a rectangular or angled bay. The material used for the framework of the seat is 2-in. by 1-in. prepared softwood. The three sides of rectangular and angled bays are fitted with frames of 2-in. by 1-in. wood with half-jointed corners which are secured to the plugged walls. A reasonable height for a window-seat is 18 in. from floor-level to the top of the seat and this should be taken into account when making the wall-frames.

The seat is supported on side-frames which are fitted as shown in fig. 78. These frames, which are also of 2-in. by 1 in. softwood, are half-jointed at the corners and the lower inside members of the frames should be cut to shape with a scroll-saw, to fit nearly over the skirting-board. The back members of the side-frames are screwed into the edges of the wall-frames.

window seat details

In the case of a bay window it will be necessary to fit two extra frames at each angle as shown in the illustration. The inside frames should be shaped to fit close to the skirting-board and the top of the backs should be notched on the inside edges to fit over the rails of the wall frames. The inside frames may be secured to the floor and the wall-frames with angle-brackets or shelf-brackets, as shown in the illustration (fig. 78).

The front also is built on a framework of 2-in. by 1-in. softwood, which is screwed into the front edges of the side-frames. The ends and fronts of the framework can be faced with 1/8-in. Hardboard or 4 mm. plywood. The lower edge of the front of the seat may be fitted with skirting-board of the same pattern as the existing board, or with narrow skirting of 3-in. by 1-in. softwood with the forward top edge rounded over as shown in fig. 78. The top of the seat may be filled in with planks of 6-in. by 1-in. softwood, and these may be secured to cover the seat completely or a section of the top may be hinged so that it can be lifted to provide access to the space inside the seat which forms a useful cupboard.

The top of the seat may be upholstered. It may alternatively be covered with sponge rubber cushions cut to fit the shape of the seat, and covered with a suitable upholstery fabric to go with the rest of the soft furnishings in the room. All the visible surfaces of the woodwork should be painted to tone with the interior decoration scheme of the room in which the seat is built. These window-seats may be backless or they may be fitted with backs.


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