How to Make Concrete Bricks

Concrete slabs for bricks, paths or walls, may be cast in a mould, as an alternative to shaping them in formwork as described above.

A suitable mould is shown below right. This consists of softwood sides with divisions. The wooden mould should be constructed so that the parts may be easily detached to release the concrete after it has hardened.

mould for making concrete bricks or slabsIn use, the formbox is placed on a piece of level ground, over which has been spread three or four layers of newspapers. Concrete in the proportions of one part cement to three parts sand is then mixed and tamped into each section of the mould, the top of which should be levelled off with a screed.

The usual protection should be given against adverse weather conditions, by covering the concrete and mould with wet sacks. When hard the blocks are removed by loosening the formwork and this will be made easier if the inside edges of the wood are coated with a limewash.

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