How to Reduce Condensation in the Bathroom

Cutting condensation

As bathrooms are subject to condensation, thin polystyrene sheeting applied behind the wallpaper or panelling will help to insulate the walls, raising the touch temperature and so reduce condensation.

Emulsion paint can be used on the walls and ceilings to help prevent condensation.

Heating and hot water for the new bathroom

Heating may be provided by means of a heated towel rail or clip-on rail above the radiator. Localized heating may consist of electrical radiant wall-mounted heaters.

These heaters, controlled by a pull switch, should be mounted high on the wall and well away from the bath and directed at the drying area. They must be of an enclosed pattern suitable for bathrooms.

Hot water is a vital part of the successful bathroom. This may be provided by the general domestic hot-water system or by an instantaneous hot-water heater. These heaters work by gas or electricity. When using any form of gas water heater you must have a flue outlet and adequate ventilation.

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