How to Remove Stubborn Taps

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Removing stubborn tap handles

If a sink tap handle proves difficult to remove, it’s a good idea to try the other tap — you may be forcing the handle against a hidden screw.

Failing this, there are several things to try before resorting to brute force.

Plastic handles which screw on may have had the screw covers stuck down — try prising them up with a small screwdriver.

If you are sure they are the pull-off type, try tapping a pair of wooden wedges underneath to lift them off.

It’s also possible that the handles have broken and been glued back on. In this case you have no choice but to break or saw them off and fit new ones. Brass handles and shrouds are easily damaged; use a pair of slip-joint pliers (rather than Mole grips) and wrap the jaws in a rag to avoid scratching.

If a handle remains stuck after you’ve removed the grub screw, wrap it with a cloth and pour on boiling water followed by cold. Alternatively, apply a squirt of penetrating oil, leave for an hour, and try again.

removing stubborn tap handlesAnother trick is to use the shroud to force off the head.

♦ Open the tap fully and undo the shroud.

♦ Place two small pieces of wood under either side so that you force the shroud against the handle.

♦ Close the tap in the normal way. As you do so, the handle should start to lift off.

If the shroud is stuck, you could try loosening it with a chain wrench — used by car mechanics to remove oil filters (remember to protect the chrome).

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