How to Repair Mixer Taps


Replacing the washers on washered mixer taps is the same as for pillar taps — they simply have two mechanisms within a single body.


Leaking swivel spout

mixer swivel spoutsRenewing the ‘O’ ring seals on a leaking swivel spout means removing the spout. It may be held by:

♦ A small grub screw on the tap body which slots into a groove in the spout to lock it.

♦ A screw-on shroud, underneath which is a circlip. Dig the circlip out with a small screwdriver or pliers.

♦ A lug which passes through a slot in the tap body. Simply align the spout and body, then pull.


Replacing a diverter

There is no need to turn off the water to replace the diverter washer on a shower mixer.

shower mixer diverter mechanisms In the most common design, the washer is mounted on the end of the sprung-loaded diverter mechanism inside the tap body. To remove the mechanism, lift up the diverter knob or lever, get a small adjustable spanner on the flattened stem, and unscrew anti-clockwise.

The washer is attached to the mechanism like an ordinary tap washer. Remove it by undoing the retaining nut, fit a new one, then refit the diverter mechanism.

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