How to Serve Wine: FAQs


Q. Is it unhealthy to drink lots of different sorts of wines at one ‘sitting’?

A. No. Although mixing grape and grain (e.g. wine or cognac with beer or whisky) is supposed to be particularly taxing to the system, different wines together should not bring a hangover, but rather a greater understanding of the subject. One simple way towards healthy wine drinking is to alternate sips of wine with water.


Q. Do cheap wines cause more of a hangover than expensive ones?

A. This was true a decade ago, but the majority of today’s inexpensive wines are made sufficiently well to minimize the after-effects.


Q. How many different wines should be served at a dinner party?

A. One wine will do, especially if no one is really interested in wine except for its alcohol content. On the other hand, if wine is served as an aperitif (for example, champagne or dry white) and digestif (for example, port), as well as especially to complement each course, or even another related wine served concurrently, then as many as seven different wines could be served with one meal. It can be fun to compare two different wines from the same grape or same property. If this seems too fiddly, and uses up too many glasses, consider the fact that a single wine chosen especially for a particular course shows much more consideration on the part of the host.


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