How to Treat a Graze

Minor grazes of the sort usually suffered by children rarely need medical attention. You can treat the graze as explained below. But if dirt or grit is embedded in the wound, there is a risk of infection, and you should see a doctor.

What you should do

• Wash your hands before treating the wound.

• Clean the area around the graze with clean cotton wool which has been dipped in lukewarm soapy water.

how to treat a graze

• Dry the area with clean cotton wool.

• Cover a small graze with a plaster. Cover a large graze with a sterile dressing. If you do not have a sterile dressing, dress the wound with a clean, folded handkerchief turned inside-out so that the untouched side is on the wound. Fix the dressing in place with a bandage or sticking plaster.

• Do not cough on the injury or on the dressing. You could introduce infection.

• Do not dress the wound with cotton wool, because the fibres will stick to it and will be difficult to remove.

• See a doctor straight away if the wound is very dirty or if it was caused by a rusty object. The casualty may need a tetanus injection or a course of antibiotics.

• If pus starts to ooze from the wound later, or the wound becomes sore and inflamed, see a doctor.

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