How to Treat an Electric Shock

If someone receives an electric shock, cut off the source of electricity before doing anything else.

1. Stop the electric current by switching off at the socket or pulling out the plug. If you cannot reach the socket, switch off at the main fuse box.

DO NOT use the switch on the appliance itself. A faulty switch may have been the cause of the accident in the first place.

How to Treat an Electric Shock

2. If there is no way to switch off, stand on dry insulating material, such as a thick layer of news-paper, a rubber mat or a wooden box, and push the victim’s limbs away from the source with a broom or wooden chair.

DO NOT use anything that is damp or made of metal.

Alternatively, loop a dry towel, a pair of tights or any other dry fabric around the victim’s feet or under the arms, and pull her free.

DO NOT touch the victim with your hands.

DO NOT use anything wet, such as a damp towel.

How to Treat an Electric Shock3. If the victim is unconscious but is still breathing, put her in the recovery position. If she is not breathing, give the kiss of life immediately.

4. If the victim has been unconscious, has suffered burns or is unwell, telephone 999 for an ambulance, or drive her to the Accident and Emergency Department of a hospital. Tell the hospital how long she was in contact with the electricity.

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