How to Treat Blisters and Avoid Getting Them

Do not burst a blister deliberately unless the taut skin is causing acute discomfort. Opening the skin increases the risk of infection, and the blister will usually heal within a week, burst or not. If you decide to burst it, follow these steps:

1. Wash the blistered area thoroughly with soap and water, and also wash your hands so you don’t introduce germs into the wound when you pierce the blister.

How to Treat Blisters

2. Pass a fine needle through a flame and let it cool for a moment. Do not wipe off any soot and do not touch the point.

How to Treat Blisters

3. Hold the needle flat on the skin and press the point gently but firmly into the blister – just enough to burst it.

4. Remove the needle and make a second puncture on the opposite side of the blister.

5. Remove the needle and press gently on the blister with a clean piece of cotton wool.

6. Wipe away the moisture with the cotton wool, and cover the blister with a plaster (adhesive dressing).

A burst blister If a blister bursts by itself, expose it to the air as much as possible in hygienic conditions, but keep it covered with a bandage if there is a risk of dirt getting in.

Doctor’s advice

See a doctor if a blister becomes infected, with a swollen, tender or inflamed area around it. Also see a doctor if blisters occur without any obvious cause. Multiple blisters are a symptom of several diseases, including shingles, chickenpox and impetigo.


• Take care when cooking or ironing. Cooks often receive burns on the arm when the oven door swings closed as they remove food.

• Wear protective gloves for any heavy manual work.

• Only buy shoes that fit well, and break them in with short periods of wear before wearing them all day.

• For country walks, wear comfortable boots or shoes, with two pairs of socks to reduce friction on the feet. They can be a thin cotton pair next to the skin, with a thicker pair of woollen over socks.

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