How to Treat Cold Sores


Cold sores can be brought on by illness (usually a cold), stress, exposure to extreme cold, sunburn or menstruation. Severe outbreaks of cold sores, or cold sores on babies or infants, or those where blisters are near the eye, should be treated by a doctor. And frequently recurring attacks can be a sign of another, underlying, medical disorder.

Do not touch the blisters and then other parts of your body – particularly your eyes. The virus that causes the blisters is easily spread around the body.

What you can do

Ease the pain of cold sores in the mouth by rinsing your mouth frequently with diluted proprietary mouthwashes and sips of iced water. A cold sore cream or spirit of camphor may dry up blisters on the lips or around the mouth.

If you are prone to cold sores, use a sun-screening lip salve when you are out of doors.

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