How to Unblock a Sink Waste-Pipe

Blockages in sinks are usually caused by an accumulation of grease and particles of food. Much of this can be removed by the use of hot water and ordinary kitchen soda. If the soda solution fails to clear the sink pipe, fill the sink with water to within a few inches of the top and use a suction cup to try and force the pipe clear. If this also fails to clear the pipe, the cap on the bottom of the ‘S’ bend (see image) will have to be unscrewed and the pipe cleared from there.

Place a bucket under the pipe, and if the water in the sink and pipe is likely to be more than will fill one bucket have a second one ready. A stoppage or blockage in a wash basin or bath should be dealt with in the same way.

waste pipe and 's' bend on a sink

Modern waste-pipes are fitted with two screw caps, one either side of the lowest part of the bend; older types of waste-pipes are fitted with a single cap under the bend. With both types the cap should be unscrewed carefully, exerting only the minimum amount of pressure necessary to loosen the thread. If the cap is wrenched with force this may damage the seating and the pipe, especially if it is n lead one.

The ‘S’ bend caps are fitted with two flanges; place the edge of a chisel, or other flat-bladed tool, between the flanges and exert gentle pressure. Keep a bucket under the bend and loosen and remove any clogged rubbish inside the bend. When replacing the caps screw them firmly into place only exerting sufficient pressure to seal the opening.

how to unblock a sink

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