How to Use a Spray Paint Gun

Spray painting is a lot more difficult than it looks. If you want to try it, the best idea is to get someone with experience to show you how. Listed below are a few important points to remember.

1. Use a spray gun only on a large area, such as a wall or ceiling. The effort involved in preparing a small job is out of proportion to the results. (An aerosol spray, though, is useful for small jobs.)

2. Mask off all areas you do not wish to paint, or you may ruin your decorating.

3. Thin the paint with the appropriate solvent thinner. Getting the right consistency is a matter of experience. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

4. Never spray in an area that is not properly ventilated. Always wear a face mask.

5. Work with the gun at a point between 300 and 450 mm (12 and 18 in) away from the surface, maintaining this distance all the time.

6. Keep the nozzle at tight angles to the work. Do not swing the gun in an arc from Side to side, because this will result in an uneven paint film.

7. Do not concentrate the spray on one area, or you will cause sags and runs.

8. Clean the gun after use.

9. The biggest problem facing amateur users of spray guns is lack of air pressure behind the gun.

10. Spray guns which attach to the exhaust end of cylinder vacuum cleaners seldom give a good spray. Rollers are more reliable and often quicker.


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