Installing an Integrated Dishwasher


Where there is a convenient 600mm (2′) wide unit: simply remove it and slot the dishwasher into the vacant space. (In a new kitchen, you can allow for this at the planning stage.) Where the units are all 500mm (20″) or 1m (3’3″) wide, remove a metre’s worth and custom-build a unit to fit the 400mm (16″) gap that’s left.



To remove a unit:

♦ Unclip or unscrew the plinth (you may be able to re-use it).

♦ Remove any doors or drawers, plus their hinges and runners.

♦ Remove the drawers in the units on either side and undo the cabinet connecting screws linking them.

♦ Remove any screws joining the unit to the worktop.

♦ Slacken the adjustable feet (if fitted) and slide out the unit.


Fitting the machine

♦ Prepare the machine following the instructions. This may involve unscrewing the plinth, the false worktop and the door assembly.

♦ Slide the machine into position and level using the adjustable feet. This is likely to be the most convenient time to make the plumbing connections. You may have to cut slots or drill holes for the pipework in the adjacent units.

♦ Screw the false door to the machine (you may need to supply fixing screws), or fit the décor panel using the trim strips supplied.

♦ Refit the old plinth, or a new section. You may have to cut a piece out of the plinth to clear the door. Do this with a jig saw, drilling holes in the corners so the blade can cut the ‘blind’ side.

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