Kitchen hygiene checklist

• Get everyone into the habit of washing their hands in hot, soapy water before touching food and after using the lavatory, stroking pets or handling raw meat.

• Keep knives and food preparation surfaces clean and dry at all times.

• Don’t use the same utensils or chopping boards for cooked and raw foods without washing them in between.

• Don’t handle cooked meat after raw, without first washing your hands in hot, soapy water.

• Make sure that all meat, fish and poultry dishes are thoroughly cooked or heated up before eating.

• Use non-porous polypropylene chopping boards rather than wooden ones, which may harbour bacteria.

• Keep tea towels clean and use disposable paper towels for mopping up messes.

• Defrost frozen foods thoroughly, or they may not cook properly.

• Don’t leave cooked food in a warm place. The bacteria will multiply much faster than if it’s somewhere cool.

• Make sure rubbish bins are covered and don’t allow pets into the kitchen. Keep pet feeding bowls separate from the other washing up.

• Throw away any chipped china. Bacteria can breed in the cracks.

• Never leave any food standing around uncovered. Hot food should be covered with a net to keep flies off, and bowls and jugs should have a plate or a piece of plastic wrap over them.

• Use a clean spoon each time you taste food.

• Wash cans before opening. They are often dusty, and many supermarkets spray the shelves with insecticide. Wash can openers whenever you use them to remove any food particles from the mechanism. Keep a separate opener for pet food.

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