Laying Flooring and Finishing Touches – Oak Skirting Boards, etc

Laying Flooring and Finishing Touches

oak skirting boards It is easy to overlook the final details once the main part of the job has been completed, but in many ways the finishing touches are the most important. They put the seal on the completed job and integrate the new work into the old. Although most finishing touches are minor details, those left unfinished will blemish an otherwise perfect job.

Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are lengths of decorative moulding made from solid timber or MDF that are fixed along the edges of a room to protect the base of a wall from bashes and provide a neat finish to the floor area. For exposed floorboards and timber laminate floors it is particularly important to fit skirting to conceal any expansion gap and generally to tie the scheme together and make the job look complete. With timber and laminate you should aim to match skirting to the type and finish of the wood for the flooring. For less prominent edging quadrant or Scotia moulding can be fixed instead of skirting board. Oak skirting boards are particularly popular at present and give a room an air of luxury and class.

Sanding and Varnishing

Whether renovating older floorboards, removing a floor covering to expose the floorboards underneath or laying entirely new boards, traditional wooden flooring should be given a thorough sanding to clean it up and then varnished, stained or painted and varnished to seal it against stains. Sanding an entire floor can seem quite a daunting task but by hiring electric floor sanders the job is made much easier. Once you have sanded the floor, it is important to apply a varnish coat as soon as possible. If the finishing is not attended to, the floor can quickly become marked and scuffed, in which case you will find yourself having to sand the whole thing all over again. Make sure you do not let the finishing part of the project drag on and on. Apply any finish as soon as is practicable. Not only will this give the work a polished appearance, but it will also afford a good deal of protection to the flooring material.

Carpet Cut-Outs

When installing fitted carpet, it is a good idea to order more than you actually require to cover the overall floor surface. This extra quantity can be saved and used to replace worn spots, as natural wear and tear takes it toll over time. If these replacement sections are carefully installed the seams will eventually blend in with the older carpeting. If you have an open fire, it is wise to custom-cut a piece of the carpet to lay in front of the fireplace, the edges of which can be whipped to create a more finished look. This extra section will protect the main carpet from spits of fire and is far easier and less expensive to replace. Planning ahead to make this small initial investment will prevent you from having to tear up and replace parts of the fitted carpet later on. For those with an adventurous spirit, tiling may be combined with a carpeting project. Cut-outs can be made on each stair and on the landings in a variety of patterns. Decorative tiles may then be installed in the openings in the places where carpeting is prone to wear. This project can be undertaken when carpeting is originally laid, or later when the carpet begins to wear, which will help to avoid the cost of replacing the entire stairway carpet.

Threshhold Strips

To finish off the detail at door openings where one floor covering joins another, install a threshold strip of either wood or metal. This strip protects vulnerable edges and leads the eye seamlessly from one room to the next.

Sealing Floors

In bathrooms and kitchens it is a good idea to run a bead of clear silicone sealant around the edge of the room to prevent water from finding its way under the floor. A new floor in a bathroom or kitchen can also make wall tiles look far from fresh. Consider regrouting or bleaching grouted joints to brighten them up.

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