Laying Paper-Backed Sheets of Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are sold in paper-backed sheets, either 610 x 305 mm (2 x 1 ft) or 305 x 305 mm (1 x 1 ft). The tiles are either square or rectangular.

Laying hexagonal mosaics is best left to a professional. The details of surfaces and adhesives are the same as for the 152 x 152 mm floor tiles. Laying procedure: mark up and batten the floor in the same way as described for floor tiles, and apply adhesive to the floor.

Apply grout to the back of a sheet of mosaic with a trowel (the face of the mosaic is the side with the paper on it). Use a rubber squeegee to press the grout well into the gaps between the individual tiles. Do not allow the sheet to soak for too long before laying it, otherwise the water in the grout will loosen the paper backing before you are ready. Ensure that the back of the sheet is free of grout before laying.

Place the sheet of mosaic in position on the floor and space other sheets around it at the same distance apart as are the individual mosaics.


Use a home-made wooden tool to tamp the sheets of mosaic down hard so that all the individual tiles are evenly bedded into the adhesive. Remove any excess adhesive from around the tiles before going on to the next square yard.

When you have finished the main area of the floor, remove the battens and cut tiles to fit the gaps around the edges. If you are fortunate, complete mosaics will fill the gaps. If they do not, you will have to score the individual tiles and break them with a pair of pincers. Spread adhesive on to the floor and tamp the tiles down in the same way as described above.

Allow the paper to soak for a while, then peel it gently off the tiles .

Apply more grout with a squeegee to fill the gaps where the sheets met.

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