Letter Plates and How to Fit a Letter Plate Deflector

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Letter Plates and Letter Plate Deflectors

Letter Plates and How to Fit a Letter Plate Deflector In many cases, a burglar can reach through a letter plate with his arm or a tool to operate the knob of a rim lock or a key left in a mortice deadlock. Various tools are used for this purpose, but a looped length of electrical cable is a favourite. A recent trend in housebreaking and car theft has become known as ‘fishing rod burglary’. In this situation, a thief inserts a long rod with a hook or a large piece of Blu-tack on the end through the letter plate, picks up the car or house keys left on the hall table, then either steals the car or lets himself in to burgle the home, or does both. This method of burglary has become quite common in recent times, so it is important to take steps to prevent it.

Fortunately, both risks are easily tackled by fitting a letter plate deflector to the back of the door. This painted steel cowl, which can be obtained from a locksmith, deflects letters and newspapers down on to the floor, but completely blocks access to locks and your hall table.

A similar solution can be achieved by fitting a letter basket to the back of the door, if you have enough room. However, this does make it possible for mail to be stolen through the letter plate, so it would be better to adapt the basket so that the mail falls to the floor.

Fire-Resistant Post Box

If you are concerned about pranksters pushing fireworks through your letter plate, you can install a fire-resistant steel box on the back of the door. This acts like a letter-box, having a small flap so that you can collect your mail. This device is designed to contain a fire or any fuel, such as petrol, that might be poured through the letter plate. Some models incorporate a heat-activated fire extinguisher. You can buy one from a master locksmith.

How to fit a Letter Plate Deflector

We all know about the long arm of the law, but who would have thought that long-armed burglars could gain entry through our letterboxes! An effective way to stop and block this sly and slippery problem is to fit a letter plate deflector.

Tools and Materials for the Job:

  • Top quality BS-metal letter plate deflector with screws to fit
  • Pencil and measuring rule
  • Short spirit level
  • Spike or bradawl
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bits suitable for drilling holes for your chosen screws
  • Screwdriver

1. Positioning the Letter Plate Deflector

Set the deflector in place on the inside of the door so that it is centred and perfectly positioned over the letterbox slot. Use the spirit level to make sure that it is level, and use the pencil to mark in the screw holes. Remove the deflector and use the spike to create centre-point locations for the drill.

2. Fixing the Letter Plate Deflector

Drill pilot holes marked for the screws and use the screwdriver to fix the deflector in place on the door. Finally, make sure that the letters can still be delivered.

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