Make Wine at Home: Banana wine Recipe


1 -8 kg/4lb ripe bananas

2 lemons 500g/1 lb -1/2oz sultanas

1 kg/2 lb 2 oz sugar

4 litres/7 pints hot water

Sauternes wine yeast and nutrient

1 Choose very ripe bananas with dark brown spots on their skins. Peel, then mash the fruit and place in a bin with the sultanas and the very thinly pared skins of the lemons. Pour on the hot water. Cover and leave to cool.

2 Express the juice from the lemons, strain out the pips and skin and add the juice and yeast to the cool must. Cover and leave to ferment for five days. Pressing down the floating fruit twice each day.

3 Strain out the solids. Stir in the sugar. Pour the must into a fermentation jar. Kit an airlock and ferment to a finish.

4 Siphon the clearing wine into a sterilized storage jar. Add one Campden tablet and top up with cold boiled water.

5 Rack again when the wine falls bright, taste and, if needed, sweeten with saccharin. Bottle and keep for at least nine months.

6 Serve cold with the sweet course of a meal or with a sweet biscuit at any time.

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