Make Wine at Home: Carrot wine recipe


1.8 kg/4 lb freshly dug carrots

500g/1 lb 1-1/2oz sultanas

1 kg/2 lb 2 oz sugar

3 teaspoons citric acid

4 litres/7 pints water

Sauternes wine yeast and nutrient

1 Scrub die carrots clean. Top and tail and cut them into thin rings or small, dice-shaped pieces. Place in a boiling pan with the water and cook them under a cover until they are soft but not mushy.

2 Strain the liquor on to the washed and chopped sultanas. When cool, stir in the acid, yeast and nutrient. Cover loosely and ferment for seven days, pressing down the sultanas twice each day.

3 Strain out, press and discard the sultanas. Stir in hall” the sugar. Pour the must into a fermentation jar, leaving room for the rest of the sugar. Fit an airlock and continue the fermentation.

4 One week later, remove a third of the must and stir in the rest of the sugar. Return to the jar and ferment to a finish.

5 Rack the young wine into a sterilized storage jar. Add one Campden tablet and top up with cold boiled water and store until the wine is blight. Rack again and mature this wine for nine months. Sweeten to taste with saccharin as required. Serve cool with a sweet biscuit at any time.

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