Make Wine at Home: Elderberry wine recipe


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1.3 kg/3 lb ripe elderberries

450g/1 lb ripe blackberries

4 ripe bananas 500 g/1 lb 1-1/2oz raisins

2 lemons 1 -25 kg/2 lb 12 oz sugar

2.85 litres/5 pints water

Port wine yeast and nutrient

1 Wash the berries and remove every piece of stalk and stem, peel and slice the bananas, thinly pare the lemons. Place in a preserving pan. Add the water and slowly heat to 79.4°C/175°F – do not boil. Hold this for 15 minutes then move the pan to as cool a place as you can find.

2 When cool, strain the liquor into a bin, press dry and discard the berries. Add the washed and chopped raisins, the strained lemon juice, the yeast and nutrient, ferment on the raisins for one week pressing clown the fruit twice each day and keeping the bin loosely covered.

3 Strain out and press the raisins dry. Stir in one-third of the sugar. Pour the must into a fermentation jar leaving room for the rest of the sugar. Fit an airlock and continue fermentation.

4 One week later remove a third of the must and stir in half the remaining sugar before returning it to the jar. Repeat this process after a further seven days and lop up with cold boiled water if necessary.

5 When fermentation has finished, rack the young wine into a sterilized storage jar and top up with vodka, poll, red wine or cold boiled water. Move the jar to a cool place and when the wine is bright, rack again. Mature for at least one year in bulk and another in bottle. Sweeten to taste if required.

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