Make Wine at Home: Gooseberry wine recipe


1.8 kg/4 lb gooseberries

250 g/8-3/4oz sultanas

1 teaspoon pectolytic enzyme

2 Campden tablets

850g/1 lb 14oz sugar

3.75 litres/6-½-pints hot water

Hock yeast and nutrient

Ingredients and equipment

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1 Select sound green gooseberries. Top and tail them and wash thoroughly. Pour hot water over them and leave to cool.

2 Crush the now softened berries. Add the washed and chopped sultanas, the pectolytic enzyme and one crushed Campden tablet. Cover and leave for 24 hours.

3 Add an activated yeast with some nutrient and ferment on the pulp for five days keeping the fruit pressed down beneath the.surface of the water.

4 Strain out, press dry and discard the fruit. Stir in the sugar. Pour the must into a fermentation jar. Fit an airlock and ferment out.

5 Rack into a sterilized storage jar. Add one Campden tablet and lop up with cold boiled water.

Bung tight and store in a cool place until the wine is bright.

6 Rack again and sweeten slightly with saccharin.

Bottle and keep until the wine is nine months old.

Serve cold as a white table wine.

Note: Gooseberries also make into a superb sparkling wine. Use only 1-3 kg/3 lb to the gallon and ferment with a champagne yeast. Make as described above, but keep in bulk instead of bottling. Re-ferment after six months.

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