Make Wine at Home: Mead recipe


1.8 kg/4 lb honey

5 level teaspoons citric acid

3.5 litres/6 pints water

Sauternes wine yeast and nutrient

1 Warm the water and dissolve the honey in it. When cool, stir in the acid, yeast and nutrient. Pour the must into a fermentation jar. Fit an airlock and ferment to a finish in a warm place.

2 Rack into a clean storage jar. Add one Campden tablet and keep the mead in a cool place until it is bright.

3 Rack again, sweeten if required with saccharin and mature in bottle for one year. Serve cool at any time.

Note Different flavoured honeys produce different flavoured meads. Use pale honey for straight meads and dark honey for spiced or flavoured meads. Fruit meads may be made by replacing 340 g/12 oz sugar with 450 g/1 lb honey in any of the previous recipes. Most meads need to be served slightly, but not sickly, sweet.

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