Make Wine at Home: Parsnip wine Recipe


1.8 kg/4 lb fresh parsnips

500g/1 lb 8oz raisins

1 kg/2 lb 2 oz soft brown sugar

3 level teaspoons citric acid

4 litres/7 pints water

Madeira wine yeast and nutrient

1 Scrub the parsnips clean, cut off any rusty portions and the leaf base. Chop the parsnips into thin slices or small, dice-shaped pieces. Place in a pan with the water and boil until tender. Strain on to the chopped raisins. Add citric acid. Cover and leave to cool.

2 Add the yeast and ferment the raisins for five days, pressing them into the water twice daily.

3 Strain out, press dry and discard the raisins or add them to a chutney mix or sauce. Stir in half the sugar, pour the must into a fermentation jar, leave room for the rest of the sugar, hit an airlock and ferment for one week.

4 Remove some of the must, stir in half the remaining sugar and when it is dissolved return it slowly to the jar. Re-lit the airlock and continue fermentation.

5 Repeat the process one week later with the rest of the sugar and continue fermentation to the end.

6 Taste the wine and if it is not sweet enough, stir in a little more sugar and leave it under an airlock for a few more days.

7 If fermentation docs not recur, siphon the clearing wine into a sterilized storage jar. Top up with Malmsey wine or cold boiled water and leave in a cool place until the wine is bright.

8 Bottle and keep this strong sweet wine for one year. Serve it after the dessert course of a line meal. It will have the caramel taste and full body of Madeira wine.

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