Make Wine at Home: Potato wine recipe


900g/2 lb old potatoes

225 g/8oz crystal malted barley grains

500g/1 lb 1/2oz raisins

1.25 kg/2 lb 12 oz soft brown sugar

2 lemons 375 litres/6-½ pints hot water

Tokay yeast and cereal yeast and nutrient

1 Scrub the potatoes clean but do not peel. Cut into small dice-shaped pieces and place them in a bin together with the crushed barley, and the thinly-pared lemon rinds. Pour on the hot water. Cover the bin, insulate it with a blanket or similar and leave overnight.

2 Strain the liquor into another container. Add the washed and chopped raisins, the strained juice of the lemons, the cereal yeast and nutrient. Cover the vessel loosely and ferment for seven days, pressing down the raisin pulp twice daily. The cereal yeast is able to ferment some of the starch from the potatoes.

3 Strain out, press dry and discard the raisins. Stir in one-third of the sugar. Pour the must into a fermentation jar. Pit an airlock and continue the fermentation.

4 Seven days later, remove some of the must and stir in half the remaining sugar and the Tokay yeast. Return to the jar.

5 Repeat this process with the last of the sugar after a further seven days, then leave until the fermentation finishes. The Tokay yeast will carry the fermentation on to a high level of alcohol.

6 Rack the wine into a sterilized storage jar and when bright, rack again, topping up with vodka or cold boiled water. Keep in bulk for two years, then bottle. If needed, sweeten to taste. This is a very strong wine – treat it with respect.

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