Make Wine at Home: Prune wine Recipe


1 kg/2 lb 2 oz large prunes

500g/1 lb 1-2-oz sultanas

2 lemons

1 kg/2 lb 2 oz white sugar

4 litres/7 pints hot water

Sherry yeast and nutrient

1 Wash the prunes and sultanas and place them in a bin together with the thinly pared skins of the lemons. Pour on boiling water. Cover and leave for 12 hours.

2 Break up the prunes and remove as many stones as possible. Add the expressed and strained juice of the lemons and the yeast and nutrient. Cover and leave to ferment on the pulp for seven days, pressing down the floating fruit twice daily.

3 Strain out. Press dry and discard the fruit. Stir in half the sugar. Pour the must into a fermentation jar. Plug the- neck with cotton wool instead of an airlock and continue fermentation for another seven days.

4 Remove some of the wine, stir in half the remaining sugar and when it is dissolved, return it to the jar. One week later add the last of the sugar in the same way.

5 When fermentation is finished, rack the clearing-wine into a sterilized jar. Do not top up, but leave an air gap and re-plug the neck of the jar with cotton wool.

6 Store the jar in a cool place until the wine is bright and then rack again and continue storage under cotton wool for one year.

7 Stir in one bottle of a dry sherry. Bottle and store for another three months. Serve cold as an aperitif.

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