Make Wine at Home: Raisin wine Recipe


3 kg/4 lb 4 oz raisins

250 g/8-3/4oz brown sugar

2 level teaspoons citric acid

4 litres/7 pints hot water

Madeira wine yeast and nutrient

1 Wash and chop the raisins and place them in a bin. Pour on hot water, cover and leave to cool.

2 Stir in the citric acid, yeast and nutrient and ferment on the pulp, pressing clown the floating fruit twice daily and keeping the bin covered at all other times.

3 Alter ten days, strain out, press dry and discard the raisins. Stir in the sugar. Pour the must into a fermentation jar. Fit an airlock and when fermentation has finished, siphon the clearing wine into a sterilized storage jar and add one Campden tablet.

4 When the wine falls bright, taste it and sweeten with saccharin if required. Bottle and keep for one year.

14. November 2011 by admin
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