Make Wine at Home: Seville Orange Wine Recipe


4 Seville oranges

4 Navel oranges

250 g/8-3/4oz sultanas

1 kg/2 lb 2 oz sugar

4 litres/7 pints water

Sauternes wine yeast and nutrient

1 Thinly pare the oranges avoiding all white pith. Chop the parings and sultanas, place them in a bin, pour hot water over them. Stir well. Cover and leave to cool.

2 Halve the oranges, express the juice, strain out the pips and pieces of skin. Add to the cool must, together with the wine yeast.

3 Ferment for three days, pressing down the floating fruit twice each day. Then strain out. Press dry and discard the orange parings and sultanas.

4 Stir in sugar, pour the must into a sterilized fermentation jar. Fit an airlock and ferment to the finish.

5 Move the jar to a cold place for a few days for the sediment lo settle, then siphon the clearing wine into a sterilized jar. Top up with gin or cold boiled water. Add one Campden tablet and store the wine until it is bright.

6 Rack again, sweeten lo taste with saccharin. Bottle and keep the wine until it is at least 9 months old. Half a bottle of gin per 4.5 litres/1 gallon makes this wine as smooth as satin.

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