Making Beer at Home: Bitter beer


g/4 lb 4 oz Edme malt extract (DMS)

250g/8-3/4oz flaked rice

250g/8-3/4oz flaked maize

500g/1 lb 1-½-oz light brown sugar

500g/1 lb 1-1/2oz golden syrup

100g/3-½ oz Wye Challenger (Golding) hops

20 g/3/4oz Northern Brewer hops

5ml/1 level teaspoon citric acid

20.5 Iitres/36 pints hard water

1 Dissolve the malt extract in 9 litres/2 gallons hot water, 73.9°C/165°F. Sprinkle on and stir in the flaked rice and maize. Cover. Insulate and leave for 1 hour.

2 Strain out the solids, add the Challenger hops and boil vigorously for 45 minutes, then add the Northern Brewer hops and continue the boil for another 15 minutes. Leave to settle for 30 minutes.

3 Strain into a bin and stir in the brown sugar, golden syrup and acid. Cover and leave to cool. Add cold water to the 22.75-litre/5-gallon mark. Stir well, then withdraw 1.15 litres/1 quart of the wort. Seal in a sterilized bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

4 Pitch the yeast into the bulk of the wort. Cover and ferment. Skim and stir on the second and third days, then leave to ferment out.

5 Stir in some finings and leave in a cool place for two days then siphon the beer into a pressure cask. Add the 1.15 litres/1 quart of unfermented wort, seal the cask and leave for two weeks to ferment and mature in a cool place. There is no need to add priming sugar.

Makes 22.75 litres/5 gallons.

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