Making Beer at Home: Brown ale


1 kg/2 lb 2 oz malt extract (DMS)

500g/1 lb 1-1/2oz crushed crystal malt

50 g/1-¾ oz crushed chocolate malt

250g/8-3/4oz dark brown sugar

50g/1-3/4oz Wye Northdown (Fuggle) hops

10.25 litres/18 pints soft water

Ale yeast 75 g/2-1/2oz lactose

1 Dissolve the malt extract in 6.75 litres/12 pints hot water, 71.1°C/160°F. Sprinkle on and stir in the malt grains. Cover. Insulate and leave for 2 hours at 64.4°C/148°F.

2 Strain out the malt grains and rinse them with 600 ml/1 pint of hot water, add the hops and boil the wort vigorously for 45 minutes. Leave for 30 minutes then strain out the hops. Stir in the sugar and add cold water to make up to a total of 11.25 litres/20 pints.

3 When the wort is cool enough, 17.8°C/64°F, add the yeast and ferment under a loose cover, skimming and stirring on the second and third days.

4 When fermentation is finished add some finings and move the vessel to a cool place for a few days. 5 Rack the beer off its sediment into another container and stir in the lactose and 50 ml (10 level teaspoons) of castor sugar. When these are completely dissolved, siphon into bottles. Seal securely and store for at least three weeks.

Makes 11.25 –litres/2-½ gallons.

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