Making Beer at Home: Stout


500 g/1 lb 1-1/2oz malt extract

50 g/1-|oz black malt grains

250 g/8-3/4oz soft brown sugar

20g/3/4oz Wye Northdown (Fuggle) hops

4 litres/7 pints soft water

Stout yeast

1 Boil the hops and grains together for one hour then strain out the solids, stir in the malt and sugar, add cold water to make up to 4.8 litres/8-¼ pints. Add the yeast when cool.

2 Ferment under a loose cover, skimming and stirring on the second and third days.

3 When fermentation finishes, rack, prime with 20 ml (4 level teaspoons) of castor sugar, bottle, seal and store for at least three weeks.

Makes 4.5 litres/8 pints.

14. November 2011 by admin
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