Making the best use of fruit

More juice from citrus fruit

Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruit will yield more juice if you warm them first. Before squeezing, either pour boiling water over the fruit and leave it to stand for five minutes or if you have a microwave oven, give it 30 seconds on High (100 per cent power).

Removing currant stems

You don’t have to pick redcurrants or blackcurrants from their stems individually. Simply hold each bunch of fruit over a bowl and draw the prongs of a fork through it to pull off the currants. Or freeze the fruit on the stem, place it in a plastic bag and break off the stalks by rubbing the currants together.

To stop cut apple turning brown

Sprinkle the cut pieces with lemon juice or if you’re cooking the apple add a little lemon juice to the pan.

Not sure how many lemons to buy?

Calculate the number of lemons you need according to how much juice your recipe calls for. An average lemon produces about 70ml (4tbsp).

Dried-out lemon

Cover the lemon with boiling water and leave it to stand for five minutes, then squeeze. You may still get a surprising amount of juice out of it.

How to serve a mango

First find out which way the stone lies by placing the mango on a flat surface and watching how it falls-the stone will always be parallel to the surface. With a sharp knife, cut through the mango on one side of the stone, to remove a thick slice. Score the flesh into squares, cutting down to but not breaking the skin. Push the slice inside out so that the cubes come off the skin. Repeat on the other side.

If oranges are difficult to peel

Pour boiling water over the oranges and leave them to stand for five minutes. Drain, and allow to cool. The peel should come away easily and the fruit should readily divide into segments.

Segmenting an orange

With a knife, remove the rind and all the white pith from the orange. Then, holding it over a bowl to catch the juice, cut out each segment by slicing down between the flesh of the segment and the membranes separating it from the adjoining segments on either side. Work round the orange until all the segments are removed and only a soft core of membranes remains. Squeeze out the core to extract the remaining juice.

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