Mending a Burst Water Pipe


How you make a temporary repair to a burst water pipe depends on where the burst is.

♦ If it’s in the middle of a pipe and there’s space, use a clamp-type repair kit or improvise your own.

♦ If it’s at a compression joint, undo the cover nut and wrap PTFE tape around the sealing ring, then retighten.

♦ If it’s at a soldered joint, cover the joint with layers of two-part repair tape or a sleeve of epoxy putty.

One type of repair kit consists of two clamping plates. Lay the one with the rubber seal over the burst, interlock the other, then tighten the wing nut to hold them.

Another kit uses Jubilee clips. Lay the seal over the burst and position the metal clamping plates. Undo the clips, fit them over the plates, and tighten.

Bind a burst soldered joint with two-part repair tape. Wind on a layer of one tape, cover with a layer of the second, then finish with another of the first.

1. For a burst compression joint, begin by loosening off the cover nut with an adjustable spanner. Slide back the nut to reveal the sealing ring (olive).

2. Wind a few turns of PTFE tape around the sealing ring, plus a little more around the threaded joint connector. Replace the cover nut and tighten.




If the overflow is running, the ballvalve is at fault. Try bending the float arm down to exert more closing pressure (on a plastic valve screw in the adjuster/. Otherwise, tie up the float arm.

To plug a pin-hole leak in an old metal tank, first tie up the ballvalve and drain it. Drill out the hole and fit a nut and bolt with a washer both sides. Replace tank as soon as possible.

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