Methods of Cooking: Grilling

Getting the temperature right

Always preheat the grill until it’s hot (usually five to ten minutes) before cooking under it. Most foods should be placed about 75-100mm (3-4in) from the heat for even, thorough cooking. Reduce the temperature if the food seems to be cooking too quickly.

Turning meat under the grill

Use tongs to turn grilling meat. If you pierce it with a fork, some of the juices may be lost.


Grilling fish

Place fish fillets or cutlets under the grill on a lightly oiled metal dish. The heat will be conducted to the underside and you won’t need to turn delicate fish, which could break up.

Tomato garnish

For a quick and easy vegetable to serve with grilled meat or fish, cut a tomato in half and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. Cook under a hot grill for four to five minutes, until bubbling.

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