Methods of wiring lights

Lamps in parallel

These may be fitted in large rooms or long passages where more than one light is wired on the same circuit. In this case, a rose junction can be used, so that the lamp terminals of one fitting can be connected to the next.

Two-way switching

This facility is one where a single lamp can be independently controlled from two different points. Single-pole, two-way switches, have to be used. Two-way switching is most commonly used for landing lights, exterior lights, and bedroom lights where one switch is over the bed.

All other wiring necessary usually already exists.

To add this facility to a bedroom, a cord-operated, two-way ceiling-mounted, pull-cord switch can be installed above a bed. This greatly reduces the amount of re-wiring necessary.

Intermediate switching

Intermediate-way switching is useful for houses having two landings, for long corridors, or rooms having three entrance doors and so on.

The intermediate switch has four connections. Two of these are poles and switch alternately between the other two connections. A normal two-way switch will not work in this position.

An indefinite number of intermediate switches can be used in this way. Take care to wire these switches correctly.

Dimming lights

The intensity of a light or lights may be reduced by means of a dimmer switch. These must be mounted in a metal wall box to avoid possible interference with radio and TV equipment.

Dimmer switches use solid-state (tran-sistorized) circuitry to provide progressive dimming by rotating the switch. They are very efficient-and the light level selected is also related to the cost of running. In addition, dimmers may reduce the initial surge on bulbs and extend their life.

Drill speed controllers work on a different principle and will not provide a graduated dimming of light. Conversely, lamp dimmers will not work effectively as drill speed controllers.

The amperage rating given for the dimmer must never be exceeded or the unit may be damaged.

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