Milk Allergies and Healthy Eating

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Milk substitutes

If you’re allergic to cow’s milk or you find it hard to digest, try soya milk or goat’s milk, which rarely cause problems. Most supermarkets and health food shops keep both, as well as products such as goat’s-milk yoghurt and cheese. Buy the milks in liquid or powder form, and use them in exactly the same way as ordinary milk.


Go for a brand that does not contain whey, as this can cause the same problems as milk. Kosher margarine is always whey-free, but check the labels of other types to be sure.

Sauces and soups

If they call for milk, use stock instead.

Puddings, cereals and cakes

Try fruit juice where you’d normally use milk, or use soya or goat’s milk.

Let the buyer beware

Read the labels of prepared and processed foods before handing over your money. Milk and milk products are used in a surprising variety of foods, particularly biscuits and cakes.

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