Mis en bouteille

La mise is the process of putting the wine into bottle, as expressed in the French language. The phrases Mise en bouteille au chateau,

Mise du domaine, Mise en bouteille au domaine. Mis en bouteiile a laproprie’te all mean that the wine has been bottled at the estate where it was vintaged. But there are other phrases which are sometimes taken to imply estate-bottling, which do not, in fact, mean this. Mis en bouteille a Bordeaux (or Beaune), for example, which is often seen on the labels of fine wines snipped by most reputable firms, simply means that the wine will have been bottled by them in Bordeaux. By bottling there, for wines of the region, they simply ensure that the wines do not have to travel far before being bottled.

Mis en bouteille en France on the label of a reputable shipper, the address of the French establishment also being given, or phrased as Mis en bouteille dans nos chais a Beaune, is equally definite: the wine has not moved far from where it was made, or at least it has not been moved out of the country in which it was made. However the phrase Mis en bouteille dans nos chais by itself, with an unknown or fancy-sounding name, is merely pretentious, if nothing worse; as is Mis en bouteille dans les caves du proprietaire – for where are those cellars, and who is the owner?

Bottling in the country of origin, if not the actual region, is increasing. But it should be stressed that a British-bottled wine, from a reputable shipper, can also be a wine of quality and, indeed, of interest: it may have matured a little faster than that bottled at the property – to whose progress it therefore will serve as a guide. The very finest wines are always bottled where they are made, because there are too many risks attendant on their being transported. Inexpensive wines are mostly shipped in bulk.

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