Miscarriage: The Warning Signs

At the first sign of a miscarriage the woman should go to bed and rest, and the doctor or midwife should be consulted. However, resting may not prevent a miscarriage if it is inevitable.

Three warning signs occur in succession if the miscarriage takes its full course:

• The commonest symptom is loss of blood from the vagina. If the embryo has not been dislodged, the pregnancy may continue.

• If the condition becomes worse, pains like small labour pains may come and go at regular intervals. This is a sign that the threatened miscarriage may have become inevitable.

• The bleeding may also increase at this stage.

Avoiding sex

If you have a threatened miscarriage, avoid intercourse until the bleeding has stopped.

Effect on the baby

Because the bleeding of a threatened miscarriage comes from the placenta (afterbirth) and not from the baby itself, a threatened miscarriage does not increase the risk of abnormality for the baby.

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