Moor or Black Moor Fish

Often called the Black Moor, this fish has much the appearance of a Veiltail in the shape of its body and the arrangement of the fins and drooping tail, and the eyes protrude like those of a Telescope; but the colouring is velvety black, which turns to dark brown as the fish ages. This colouring makes it a poor fish for the garden pond, as it is not easily seen unless the pond is constructed from a pale-coloured material.

Profile of a large black moor goldfish.

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The Black Moor fishes are also more susceptible to disease and damage than the ordinary Common Goldfish. The Moor is not hardy, and should be lifted out of the pond in autumn and kept through the winter indoors in water that should not drop below 13°C (55°F) to keep the fish active. It is a slow swimmer and needs to be kept with other slow fish only, so that they can feed at their own pace and not have their food removed and eaten by faster fishes in the pond.

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