New Electrical Wiring

Old lighting and wiring usually has to be stripped out completely. This is because older cables are usually covered in rubber and cotton which perishes after about 25 years. Such wiring can be very dangerous, since the wires may become exposed in metal conduit, which may be earthed to pipes. A serious electrical shock is possible.

Ancient lighting flexes are another source of danger. Old switches may wear and insulation break down. This can be dangerous on metal switches.

Radial power wiring is limited and encourages the use or connection of a number of appliances with multi-adaptors – a bad practice which can lead to overloading of the circuit.

Practices no longer sanctioned include conventional light switches in places where moisture is present, such as bathrooms. These should be marked down for substitution by a pull switch. Bathroom lights, as a safety precaution, should also be of an enclosed pattern.

Older fuse boxes, which so often sprout further sub-boxes, should be changed. A modern consumer unit provides a neat assembly of all the circuits safely in one box.

Remember, it is possible to run new wiring and fit a new fuse box without electrical disruption to the household. Once everything is installed and checked, the electricity authority will connect the ‘tails’ to its main fuse box to bring your new electrical installation alive.

10. November 2011 by admin
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