Painting and Decorating: Paint Finishes and Special Paints

Special Paints and Paint Finishes:

Some surface materials inside the house require the use of special paints.

A special quality paint is made for painting radiators and hot-water pipes; this is usually available in a range of metallic colours and known as radiator paint. Any baths that are to be re-enamelled should be finished with a special bath-quality enamel. Cold-water pipes are best painted with aluminium paint. Metal parts of fireplaces should be painted with heatproof enamel and if it is necessary to paint tiles in a bathroom or a tiled fireplace surround, a special tile-paint for this purpose is obtainable from local suppliers.

Some surfaces require a special preparation; these are encountered mostly in exterior work and include such materials as galvanized iron, zinc and asbestos. A metallic aluminium paint is the best material for undercoating metal surfaces of a general nature such as steel windows. Modern steel windows are made of rustproof metal. Older types of steel windows may be subject to rusting. There are available anti-rust compounds — manufactured under different trade names — which when applied to rusted metal, perform the dual purpose of destroying the existing rust and providing a rustproof base for following coats of paint.

The use of absorbent paints, for steamy rooms has already been described, and apart from these special paints, and in addition to the common types of paint previously described, the only other materials that concern the home handyman are stains and varnishes. Varnish is not often used for interior decorating, it is mostly used for exterior work. Interior woodwork of modern houses is not often stained, except in the case of floors. There is a method of painting wood and colouring it to resemble stained timber. This is known as graining.

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