Painting Your House Exterior: Order of Work

Complete all paint removal and rubbing off before you start painting, so that dust and flakes will not fall on to wet paint.

When you move on to the painting stage, start with the surfaces for which you need a large brush (eg. cement renderings). Almost inevitably, some paint will get on to surrounding surfaces, and ‘cutting in’ is best done with a small brush at the undercoating stage.

The order of working for painting the entire outside of a two-storey house is shown here:

1. Clean out the gutters, repair any defective joints on metal guttering, apply two coats of bituminous paint to the inside and wire-brush the outside.

2. Clean off soffits with a stiff brush or medium glass-paper.

3. Rub down sound paint on the wood work, to provide a key. Remove loose or flaking paint and apply priming to any bare patches of wood.

4. Rub down sound paintwork. Remove rust by wire-brushing, scraping or with emery cloth. Prime bare metal immediately.

5. Brush down the rendering with a stiff bass brush and scrape off loose paint. Fill cracks. Apply sealer, if necessary, and one or two coats of masonry paint.

6. Fill and undercoat the doors and wood surrounds to windows.

7. Give soffits two coats of emulsion or one of undercoat.

8. Working from the top, complete all undercoating, then gloss paint all undercoated surfaces. Give a second gloss coat for extra protection if necessary.

Points to note. When you repaint windows or doors, check that the extra thickness of paint will not result in the sash or door sticking. If this looks likely, plane off some of the edge to allow a clearance of a penny’s thickness before painting.

Cut out all defective putty and replace it, with fresh linseed oil putty on wood sashes or with metal glazing putty on metal sashes.


Cleaning up. To clean paint spots off glass, wipe over with a leather, then scrape with a piece of Formica or with a razor blade. Do not use sandpaper as it will scratch the glass, though fine wire wool is both safe and effective.

With quarry tiles, scrape off the paint, wipe over with a turps-soaked rag, and wash with soap and water.

To clean up brickwork, scrape off paint marks, then use a wire brush. Work along the whole brick to prevent a patchy effect.

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