Papering Stairwells

Papering a stair well should logically start at the light source-either the front door or a stair-well window. This presents problems when the join of the stair-well wall and the head wall, which returns across the stairs, is reached.

Cutting this length would be difficult and the length of paper required would be unwieldy to handle. Therefore, start on the stair-well wall adjacent to the head wall.

Mark the vertical line on the stair-well wall. Hang the first length of paper, allowing a 50mm overlap on to the head wall. This will give room for adjustment if the wall is not true. A 50mm overlap should be allowed at the top and bottom of the length for trimming.

At the stair edge it may be a good idea to trim the paper roughly at the cutting angle, to prevent the weight of paper pulling at the pasted length and causing stretching.

As this is a long length of paper the normal double-looping method of folding paper will not do. Paste and fold as for lining paper in concertina form.

Hanging a long length is a two-handed job as the weight of the paper below requires support. If allowed to drop, it may tear or stretch.

The papering sequence radiates out from the first length. Work towards the landing, up the stairs, across the head wall, across the stairs and along the landing wall, keeping to the vertical.

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