Planning a Party: Hiring, Buying and Borrowing

Large parties

Unless you frequently entertain large numbers of guests, it’s cheaper to hire equipment such as cutlery, plates, dishes, trays and bowls rather than buy. Look for specialist catering hire companies in your local newspaper or Yellow Pages under ‘Catering equipment hire’. If you ask around you may even find friends or a local church group or school who can lend you what you need.

Borrowing glasses

Most off licences and wine merchants will hire out glasses, or they may lend them free if you buy your drink there, although you’ll be expected to pay for breakages and losses. Real glasses are preferable to plastic, but make sure you can cope with the washing up.

Tables and chairs

If you need only a few extra tables and chairs, it’s easiest to borrow from friends, but otherwise they can be hired, complete with tablecloths. If your dining small but you have space around it, set up card tables with firm plywood covers on top. Alternatively, if you have a smooth-surfaced door, take it off its hinges, unscrew the handle and place the door on top of a smaller table – it should seat about ten. If you’re short of tablecloths, use sheets instead.


Plastic cutlery is not strong enough for cutting most food, and is not suitable for a smart occasion. Borrow or hire the real thing.

Paper plates and napkins

Disposable paper plates save on washing up, but if you’re serving hot food, make sure you buy the kind what won’t buckle or go soggy. Also be careful of brightly coloured paper napkins which may run when wet – the colour could end up on someone’s party dress or on your tablecloth.

Returning equipment after the party

Keep a list of everything you hire or borrow and where it comes from, to make returning things simpler. Cross off each item when you’ve returned it.

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