Power Tools: Lending Power to Your Elbow

Power tools are among the most valuable of handyman work aids. Saving time and allowing that ‘professional’ look to finished work, even the basic power drill, used with varied attachments, can provide great diversity in tackling a wide range of jobs around the home. When using power tools, always observe the limitations of the given piece of equipment.

Power tools of various types and suitable attachments can do much to take the hard work out of many jobs around the home, as well as often enabling them to be done more successfully.

Power tools are most popularly used for drilling, sawing and smoothing. There are two basic types of tool – the integrated tool, which is a purpose-designed unit for a given use, and the attachment, which fits to a power drill. There are also accessories, such as drill stands and sawing benches, which complement power tools.

Power saws may consist of either integrated units or attachments. Obviously, the integral saw is a better buy for major or continuous work. A variety of smoothing tools – orbital sanders, bench sanders and sanding discs – enable a range of smoothing operations to be carried out.

Jig saws are a more specialized form of power saw.

Other attachments include a paint stirrer, which ensures thorough mixing without using vast elbow power; a wire cup and discs, for removing rust from surfaces; a screwdriver attachment for repetition work, such as fixing down floor surfaces; and hedge trimmers and lawn mowers, which are either attachments or integrated tools. These use motors basically similar to those of a drill.

Devices for dowelling and mortise cutting are among the woodworking attachments which can be fitted to power tools. Special, but expensive, power planes are also made.

Extension cables, which can be wound on to reels for neat and easy stowage, are useful accessories. The maximum lengths of cable and thicknesses are related to the power of the motor and the length of the cable.

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