Preparing and Cooking Globe Artichokes

The artichoke head, at the top of a tough stalk, is composed of stiff scales, or bracts, closely compressed round a shallow base known as the heart or fond. A thick cluster of silky hairs the choke — is embedded in the fond. The edible parts of a globe artichoke are the fleshy, half-moon shape at the base of each scale, and the fond.

Preparation To prepare an artichoke for cooking, trim the stalk level with the base of the head, cut off any damaged outer scales and slice off the top of the head. Trim the points of the remaining scales with scissors; wash well and stand them upside down to drain.

Rub all cut surfaces with lemon to prevent discoloration.


The choke can be removed before or after cooking. Spread the outer scales apart and pull out the small inner scales until the choke is revealed. With a teaspoon, scrape off the hairs adhering to the fond. If the fond only is to be used, remove all the outer scales before discarding the choke, and rub the fond with lemon.

Cooking Fill a large pan with water to which salt and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice have been added. Bring to the boil; add the artichokes and boil, uncovered, for 40-50 minutes or until tender — when a scale can easily be pulled away.

Drain thoroughly, upside-down.

Serving Serve boiled artichokes as a first course, either hot with melted butter or Hollandaise sauce, or cold with a French dressing — using vinegar or lemon juice — mayonnaise or tartare sauce.




6 small globe artichokes

1 lemon

6 tablespoons olive oil

6 table spoons lemon juice

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 teaspoon fresh chopped marjoram

Salt and pepper

COOKING TIME: 25minutes

For this appetiser, use small, immature artichokes. Trim the stalks level, slice off the undeveloped tops and cut each artichoke into four. Remove the small chokes and drop the quarters into a bowl of cold water to which the juice of 1 lemon has been added.

Blend the oil, lemon juice, garlic and marjoram, and season with salt and pepper. Add the drained artichoke quarters, turning them in the marinade until evenly coated. Transfer to a heavy-based pan, cover with a tight-fitting lid and cook over gentle heat for 25 minutes.

Shake the pan carefully from time to time and, if necessary, add a little more oil and lemon juice. Remove the lid for the last 5 minutes.

Serving Arrange four artichoke quarters on each serving plate and spoon over the warm marinade. Serve with toast fingers and provide finger bowls. Provide a plate for the discarded leaves.




4 globe artichokes

I tablespoon lemon juice


French dressing

COOKING TIME: 40-45 minutes

Wash the artichokes thoroughly, trim the stalks level with the base and peel off any ragged scales. Cut off the top 1/2in. (12 mm) of each artichoke, and snip off the points of the other scales with scissors. Brush the cut surfaces with lemon juice.

Bring a large pan of lightly salted water to the boil, then add the artichokes. Cover and cook for 40-45 minutes, depending on size, until a scale can easily be pulled off. Drain the artichokes upside down.

Pull the scales apart and remove the small inner scales until the central choke of fine hairy filaments is reached; remove this with a teaspoon.

Serving Arrange the cooled artichokes on plates and pour the dressing into a sauceboat; set a linger bowl at each plate.

Thu French dressing is poured into and round the artichoke; and as each scale is pulled off, the fleshy base is dipped into the dressing and eaten.

The heart or fond, which is the tastiest part of the artichoke, is eaten with a knife and fork.

Variation Serve the artichokes hot with melted butter or a Hollandaise sauce.




4 globe artichokes


2 tablespoons lemon juice

5 ft. oz (150ml) mayonnaise

2 teaspoons curry powder

8 oz (250g) peeled shrimps

Garnish: fresh dill

COOKING TIME 40-15 minutes

Prepare and cook the artichokes as for Artichokes vinaigrette. Remove all the scales and chokes until only the fonds or hearts are left. Leave to cool.

Stir lemon juice and the curry powder into the mayonnaise, and pipe this round the edges of the artichoke fonds. Arrange the shrimps inside the mayonnaise.

Serving Arrange the artichoke fonds on individual plates, garnish with small sprigs of dill and serve with fingers of hot buttered toast.

Variations Top the artichoke fonds with raw sliced mushrooms, marinated in a garlic dressing, or offer a bowl of tartare sauce. Alternatively, cover the fonds with chopped hard-boiled eggs mixed with drained, shredded tuna fish, and spoon over a dressing made from hard-boiled egg yolks, crushed garlic, oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and finely chopped fresh dill.




1 artichokes

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Salt and pepper

6oz (175g) cooked lobster meat

3 oz (75g) cooked asparagus tips (optional)

6 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons white wine vinegar

1 dessertspoon finely chopped tarragon


COOKING TIME 40-45 minutes

CHILLING TIME: 30minutes

Prepare and cook the artichokes as described under Artichokes vinaigrette. Leave them upside down to drain and cool, then carefully pull the scales apart and remove the complete choke. Pull can some of the smaller, inner scales to make a fairly large cavity.

While the artichokes are cooling, dice the lobster meat and cut the cooked and cooled asparagus tips, if used, into 1 in. (25 mm) pieces. Blend the lobster and asparagus; leave them to marinate and chill in a dressing made from the olive oil, vinegar and tarragon, seasoned to taste with salt. And pepper. Do not chill the artichokes, as they lose flavour when exposed to extreme cold.

Serving Stuff the artichokes with the lobster and asparagus mixture, spoon a little of the dressing over them, and dust the tops lightly with paprika. Serve as a first course.




6-8 globe artichokes

6oz (175g) shortcrust pastry

8 oz (250g) finely chopped onions

1/4 teaspoon chopped dill or chervil

1 tablespoon sherry

2 egg yolks

1/2 pint (300 ml) thick white sauce

Salt and pepper

COOKINGTIME: 30-10 minutes

OVEN TEMPERATURE 200 C (400 F) – gas mark 6

Prepare and cook the artichokes as for Artichokes vinaigrette; drain and cool. Remove and discard all scales and the chokes, and cut the fonds into 1/2 in. (12 mm) slices.

Meanwhile, make up the pastry from 6 oz (175g) flour and use it to line a 7-8 in. (180-200 mm) flan ring set on a baking sheet. Arrange the sliced artichokes and onions over the base, and sprinkle with dill or chervil. Beat the sherry and egg yolks into the cooled white sauce, season to taste with salt and pepper, and spoon over the flan filling. Bake in the overt fix about 30 minutes, covering the flan with buttered greaseproof paper if the top browns too quickly.

Serving Serve hot as a first course, garnished with small sprigs of dill or chervil. Or serve with an accompanying green salad for a light luncheon dish.

Variation Use 8 oz (250g) pastry and bake as a covered pie, brushed with egg and milk.


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